Edgar Davies Ground Rock Day 2017

Edgar Davies Ground Rock Day 2017

The weather was perfect, for this year’s Edgar Davies Ground (EDG) rock day. First band Ghosts of Social Networks turned out to be just front man Nathan Till. For whatever reason the two other band members couldn’t make it. So very bravely Nathan took to the stage for a solo appearance. Nathan looked comfortable playing all the bands songs including outside the wheel, which was very well received by the growing crowd.

Next up were 2 slots from music degree student Jack Evans. Jack has appeared previously at the EDG for Eligh Toadd. Jack played various classical tunes on his acoustic guitar. The Ellipsis were on after Jack and delivered a great set of very energetic rock pop. The Ellipsis will go far.

After Jacks second set came the Birmingham’s Valous. Most of their material was from their 2nd Album “The Devil’s Seven”, however they did play new tracks from their soon to be released EP. Valous were incredibly tight and lead singer Mat Shutt hit every note in which was a very polished “metal” performance.

Next Sister Shotgun fronted by the awesome Chloe Ozwell. Sister Shotgun performed a blend of very catchy hard rock and metal. Why haven’t they been offered record deal yet? The very best of luck to Sister Shotgun in the future.

Then it was the first of two performances from our Special guests “The Soap Girls”. They made an impromptu acoustic performance on the last years high street stage. This year their second set was an electric set featuring new drummer Jonn Walker. The Soap Girls drew lots of attention and went down a storm. Many Many thanks to Jonn Walker for helping to arrange this appearance at short notice. In between the two Soap Girls performance was Telford’s Guns for Girls who had earlier appeared at Shrewsbury’s Fake Festival. A great performance kept the growing crowd entertained.

Top of the bill and rounding off what was a great day was Glasgow’s Mason Hill. Mason Hill have has a superb year, after signing a major record deal, appeared at download and have been booked for their first “Planet Rock” gig. Absolutely note perfect throughout the set, but the stand out song was definitely the shows last “Where I belong”. People of Bridgnorth will remember Mason Hill for many years. Has one of the crowd put it “They are pure class”. Can’t wait for the album release!

Many thanks to all the bands who very kindly gave up their time to appear this year and raise money for the Bridgnorth Food and national charity Shelter.

Also many thanks to all of the volunteers who again gave up their time to Marshall the event
Nigel Gill
EDG Event Organiser

Quayside Stage Review 2016

From Quayside event organiser Jen Bone – “Blue skies, live music and outdoor films – a perfect end to a perfect festival. Thank you to everyone who made this happen but most of all to those who came to enjoy the show as this is who we do it for. Singing along to grease and the clapping after each song was my personal highlight”

Many thanks to Andy Darby for the brill photos.

High Street Stage Review 2016

As always we were prepared for the rain but we only had one real shower in the late afternoon. All the bands were a joy to work with, a real eclectic bunch, all started off by battle of the bands winner ‘Salopia’. There were smiles on everyone’s face as the day went perfectly to plan and people came out in droves to enjoy the entertainment. The Acoustic stage once again did amazingly by keeping people entertained while the change overs happened. The best yet!

EDG Rock Stage Review 2016

A rain soaked Saturday at the Edgar Davies couldn’t stop the amazing atmosphere for this year’s rock day.

Eligh Toadd, this year’s battle of the bands winners kicked off proceedings, with many great bands following throughout the day. As the daylight faded Stone Broken took to the stage to what was then a packed out marquee. Reuben Archers Personal Sin rounded off what a truly amazing day that was enjoyed by all. The weather couldn’t stop us ‘Rocking’

Battle of the Bands Results 2016

Three nights of festival battles came to an end this week leaving three victors and a lot of talent showcased. Each of the winners has won the prestigious prize of being the opening act for their respective battle stage. In addition, each band get a day in a recording studio generously sponsored by Bridgnorth Print Services!
First off was the EDG Rock Stage battle at The Bear on Monday night. Two bands played their hearts out with it all being streamed live thanks to The Bridgnorth Pod. The Picture were the runners up on this occasion with Eligh Toadd taking the victors spoils.

Tuesday night saw the Quayside battle held at The Friars. The perfect evening weather meant the event happened outside in the courtyard and with thanks to Jim from The Crown who leant a PA for the evening, the 5 acts took to the stage. It was a really eclectic mix all with their own unique and melodic sound. Sicky won the day with his quirky and fun pop acoustic set that pleased everyone there.

Wednesday saw the High Street battle at The George with a head to head battle between last years high street stage openers ‘Drought On Mars’ v’s ‘Salopia’. It was a great event with so many friends and families coming out to support. Salopia won on the night and areraring to hit the High Street stage on Sunday to entertain the crowd.
In a turn of great generosity, Sicky, the quayside event winner has donated his studio time to Drought on Mars. So they might not have won the battle this time, but watch this space for great things from them and if you cannot wait that long..head to the Old Castle on Sunday night to hear them support the Rain Breakers!
So to confirm…

The opening act for the EDG on Saturday 27 August is Eligh Toadd
The High Street opening act at 12pm on Sunday 28 August is Salopia
Sicky will perform on the Quayside stage at 1pm on Monday 29 August.

Thank you to all the performers who took part in this years Bridgnorth Festival Battle of the Bands.