The Friars – Town Hall Films

The Friars – Town Hall Films

It’s all well and good putting films on in a lovely public space like the underneath of the town hall but where is everyone going to sit?

It’s one thing asking people to come out and be in the cold for hours on end, its quite another to ask them to stand for the experience.

James from the Friars pub on St Mary’s Street had a great solution… hay bales!

The Friars - Town Hall Films Sponsor

Nothing says country market town like hay bales, so we jumped at the chance. James purchased 40 bales for the day, he also delivered and picked them up, while also running a farm and a pub…when does he sleep!

Some of the poor old bales didn’t quite survive but never fear, volunteers (including Councillor Geoff Davies) were at hand to sweep and bag up the bits so the Town Hall was back to normal ready for Tuesday morning.

The Friars, from everyone who came out to the see the films and from Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival – Thank You!

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Majestic Cinema – Town Hall Films

Majestic Cinema – Town Hall Films

Volunteers from the Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival generously donated their own personal equipment for the free outdoor cinema event ‘Town Hall Films’ on the 21st December 2015, such as the projector and the P.A. but we were short of a screen.

Lot’s of ideas were banded around for this one but there is no denying that a proper screen was what we needed but we just didn’t have the money for one!

At the 11th hour, James from the Majestic Cinema (Reel Cinemas) saved the day. Guess what they have a spare of…yes…a screen!

Majestic Bridgnorth Reel cinemas

This type of screen usually has a solid wall behind it in a dark room so when it first went up, it was a little see though but a layer of tarpaulin behind it soon became the screen we had always hoped we would have.

Not only did they give us a screen to use, they have also said we can use it again in the future which means, watch this space 😉
On the evening itself, James came down on the rare occasion he gets time away from the cinema with a huge box of posters (some of them vary rare) and sold them at the event. This raised the rest of the money we needed for the licences, so all i can say is…

Reel Cinemas, from everyone who came out to the see the films and from Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival – Thank You!

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Bridgnorth Print – Town Hall Films

Bridgnorth Print – Town Hall Films

Keeping it Legal…

There is no denying it, sometimes what you really need for an event like the ‘Town Hall Films’ is cash!

The two films that were shown, Arthur Christmas and the Muppets Christmas Carol took hundreds of people to make. Rightly so, they would like some money if you want to show it to lots of people.

As a long time supporter of the Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival, Richard at Bridgnorth Print stepped in and helped with the licence fees, so everyone could come and enjoy the evening (and we could stay on the right side of legal!).

Bridgnorth Print Town Hall Films

For the last 5 years they have been very generous to the festival. All you have to do is look at the fancy programs that we’ve used since 2010 for our main August festival.

To Bridgnorth Print and everyone who came out to the see the films – Thank You!

More info about Bridgnorth Print at

Addheat Midlands and Town Hall Films

Addheat Midlands and Town Hall Films

Count Us In!

December the 21st 2015 under Bridgnorth’s Town Hall was the inaugural Music & Arts Festival ‘Town Hall Films’ event. It is safe to say, it went with a bang, with the whole community getting behind the event including the Bridgnorth Journal, the Shropshire Star, BBC Radio Shropshire and even BBC Midlands Today!

Some organisations liked the idea so much they donated either time, money or services. AddHeat Midlands was one such company.

Addheat Bridgnorth

As you can imagine, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into arranging this type of event and there are certain problems that need to be overcome in order for it to happen safely for everyone. Putting a large screen on the end of the Town Hall was one of the problems that needed a good solution.

Richard from AddHeat Midlands was there to save the day. He kindly donated all of the scaffolding used to support the screen safely so that everyone all the way back could see the feature presentations.

Today Richard has been in touch and has let the festival know that whenever we want to do it again to ‘Count Us In!’.

This is great news for everyone who would like to see the event happen again!

AddHeat Midlands, everyone who came out to the see the films and from Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival – Thank You!