Three nights of festival battles came to an end this week leaving three victors and a lot of talent showcased. Each of the winners has won the prestigious prize of being the opening act for their respective battle stage. In addition, each band get a day in a recording studio generously sponsored by Bridgnorth Print Services!
First off was the EDG Rock Stage battle at The Bear on Monday night. Two bands played their hearts out with it all being streamed live thanks to The Bridgnorth Pod. The Picture were the runners up on this occasion with Eligh Toadd taking the victors spoils.

Tuesday night saw the Quayside battle held at The Friars. The perfect evening weather meant the event happened outside in the courtyard and with thanks to Jim from The Crown who leant a PA for the evening, the 5 acts took to the stage. It was a really eclectic mix all with their own unique and melodic sound. Sicky won the day with his quirky and fun pop acoustic set that pleased everyone there.

Wednesday saw the High Street battle at The George with a head to head battle between last years high street stage openers ‘Drought On Mars’ v’s ‘Salopia’. It was a great event with so many friends and families coming out to support. Salopia won on the night and areraring to hit the High Street stage on Sunday to entertain the crowd.
In a turn of great generosity, Sicky, the quayside event winner has donated his studio time to Drought on Mars. So they might not have won the battle this time, but watch this space for great things from them and if you cannot wait that long..head to the Old Castle on Sunday night to hear them support the Rain Breakers!
So to confirm…

The opening act for the EDG on Saturday 27 August is Eligh Toadd
The High Street opening act at 12pm on Sunday 28 August is Salopia
Sicky will perform on the Quayside stage at 1pm on Monday 29 August.

Thank you to all the performers who took part in this years Bridgnorth Festival Battle of the Bands.